Washed Denim contrasts with Dry or raw denim is dyed during production that the denim is not washed .
Over time , denim usually considered important by some people , will be over . During the process of wear , fading is usually the most stress on the parts of the essay will occur . In a pair of jeans , these parts of the upper thigh , ankles , and knees are in the back .

I have been an article of clothing , the most moderate denim and shrinkage of their subject ( the subject of his master wash it may not fit properly ) reduce or eliminate to be washed . In addition to being washed , a " worn " look sometimes artificially distressed to create a " washed denim ." Artificially distressed denim faded that much of the appeal of dry denim which gets . Made from dry denim jeans , such fading by the body of the person who wears them and his or her activities of daily life is affected by . This process artificially distressed denim look of many enthusiasts more " natural" look creates felt .
To facilitate the natural distressing process , some wearers of dry denim for more than six months would abstain from washing their jeans .

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