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I recently had a friend who only make money from blogging was to begin with. Things are going to get over that initial hump of the conflict and how "secret" but wanted to take my mind.

The video, in short, what I said.
Although it is common in nature, I hope this helps as we are entering a new year.

Secret Money Online transcription

I was talking earlier today with a new friend who just started a blog. He is going for a couple of months now, and he is a little disappointed.
And see, this is the question asked in the interview in a particular match. You know, and what your number is a secret to make money online?You can see a pile.
And I said to her notes, she was writing everything down, so that I can share a video. And this kind of stuff that I said to him.
Number one, there's something online that you really love to talk about was trying to. An area, a subject, a place, an industry, that resonate with you is something to admire, to select some passion. Is a whole lot of reasons for doing so. One, it is very easy to live with this for a long period. Two, you read that people who come over and make you feel a lot more opportunities if you are passionate about it yourself.because I know what turns them on, and I will get to read them. I will get their shopping done.
So if you're interested, you have a passion, then center around what you do, try online.
One of my most recent videos on ProBlogger about my son is telling me, "Tell me some of the world." And really, that's it. It's all about what's in it for me.
Once again, you do things that are useful, for it is not necessary, the lives of people who are really ripping people off by increasing the tax money online, but it's more satisfying if youare useful.
Third, I believe you need to be told.And, look, it's hard to do, but you learn more about the need to do so.
The confidence you need to contact. You need confidence to offer. Your trust is required to contact other potential partners. Nervously every time you're doing these things, people will sense it.
Now this does not mean you are extrovert and you need to hype things up. Quietly confident you will be a long way. If things work on this aspect. Push yourself forward, you're not one of those people believe. People around you get you excited too. So as far as you can trust.
The other thing I talked with my friend today about what you do with diversity, and not just focus on one income. Now, it's a bit of a problem, because if you do nothing you are too diverse and very well may. But in the last eight or nine years have tried to do is diverse on a number of fronts.
One, that I write about diverse topics.
But I'm also trying to diversify revenue streams. And you will see, in the last few months have caused a problem with my income streams. That income and you will see eight or nine different areas. I'm not just rely on ad networks like AdSense, or I'm not just rely on your own eBooks.
In my early days of blogging and making money online, even from a variety of real work. When I first started I had three jobs, so I was diversifying its revenue streams, I think, and more sustainable in the long run if I helped.
Addressing the long term, I would say that number five is a long-term perspective, you really need to take. Internet on your money fast, but it usually comes after years of building foundations can.Free Content production, which has led to explode their income. And if you need a long-term things.
You need to look at as an investment. A lot of times, when you make the investment, a number of years for your return on investment they receive, and the same is true on the Internet.
Make money online ... As a phenomenon it is, can those moments where you earn money, but in fact most online entrepreneurs can look at it as a business. It is not only a matter where he is to earn money, and if they try something else.
You think this is a strategic one, I'm trying to say that I need to.How are you going to monetize it really about the way of strategic thinking is in terms of what you do in an actual construction of products. Ad revenue only, or not depending on other people's product marketing.way ahead.
That is something that I think about it or thinking, especially the last two years has been the secret of online money. A whole lot more of course, but to make money online you'd like to hear some secrets. You can leave comments on this video below, and from there you may prefer to be contacted.

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